Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writing again!

This is the Eliphante house in Corkwood, Arizona.  I would put up a link, but I don't know how.  You should check it out!  It was built by an artist completely out of whatever object they could find.  The way things are going for me, the only way I will probably ever own a house is by doing some thing like this.  :"

Well, I'm writing again.  I have finally started a novel and I think I'm going about it the right way this time.  

Let me regress for a moment.  I'm not sure that when I tried to write my tragedy/trinity novel before, that I was actually going about it the wrong way.  It was more a lack of knowledge about the writing process that stymied me I think.  

I know a few things that I didn't know then.  I know that I only want to write children's novels, I'm not interested in writing for adults.  If I had known that when I started Tragedy, it would have helped quite a bit.  

I now know that it is common to start a novel and get halfway through it and suddenly have everything change inside of your head, necessitating in the entire novel needing to be written over again.   And I know that if this happens to you it does not mean you have done something wrong.  

I know now, that writing a novel is very difficult (al least for me) and that when it was flowing easily for me, that was a gift and I know that the trick is to keep writing when things are no longer flowing.  

I know now that if I keep on going, no matter what, I can eventually get something written.  And so that is what I have been doing.  (25,000 words baby!) I am not writing on Tragedy, I have started something else.  I am having a lot of fun writing it.  Something tells me I will get back to Tragedy some day. 

Now:  I wonder if this happens to other writers?  My setting took place in the woods... so I started reading about woods and mountains, plant and animal life, etc... so that I could describe my setting more accurately.  

This eventually made me want wolves in my story and there will probably be bears too,  so I began focusing more on wolves.  Well, this led me to wonder about the evolution of the social behavior of animals and wondering what would happen if generations of animals spent time in human communities;  in which ways they would change?  So this has led me to animal etnology.  (Though I haven't read i yet.  It's on my great, big, getting bigger all the time list.) 

And of course, thinking of a civilization in which mankind and animals interact peacefully and with respect for one another, has led me to put Native American society and religion on my list.  

Somehow out of all of this, I have ended up reading about eco-friendly houses and that is now on my list as well.  In my perusal of the internet, I came across the house near Sedona, Arizona called the Eliphante home above,  and that has been incorporated into my book...oh!  And tree houses!  That look like gigantic japanese lanterns!

Another subject on my list, though I don't think I need to read about this, just think about it, is how language would influence a society.  For instance, a society that had no word for can't orhas 100 words for beauty but only one of ugly.   In other words, what words the society I am imagining right now will or won't have.  

There are other leaps and meanderings as well  but I won't get into all of those.  I'm sure you get the idea.  Besides, I want to go back to my story!

I'm having fun and I feel good because I think I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  And when I publish my book and make millions of dollars, I have learned so much about tree houses, that I am going to live in one!  Maybe I'll live next to Angelina Jolie!   (But no pet chimps!)

I plan to put an excerpt up soon, I'm not quite done with it yet.


Momentary Madness said...

Good to see you excited, and enjoying writing again.

Mel said...

As one who knows NO moderation, I think it's a good thing to gather all the information along the way.

Honestly, the though process to get to the house was one I followed quite easily. LOL What's THAT tell ya? ;-)

It feels like writing suits you well....

Anonymous said...

it seems like if you continue with this enthusiasm, while there may be setbacks, as it often occurs, coupled with vast actual research that you're doing...this book may be a success, depending on the originality.

try living with native americans or in a deep forest somewhere and that will inspire you a lot.

and please don't be white and think about making money out of it, why does money always have to be involved in such matters. it's like nature is exploited even for literary purposes

be well


BBC said...

Will this novel be a book that helps change the world? If not is it really worth writing?

I've been everywhere and lived in Kingman Arizona for a year but I've not heard of Corkwood, Arizona.

I'd look it up but it's likely not important to my life. I hope that all is going well with you.

Vin said monkeys, he he he.

behindblueeyes said...

MM-Thank you. I'm enjoying myself.

Mel-I'm glad someone could understand me.

V-I wish I could go into the forest for awhile. Don't have the money for that. My book isn't really about native Americans. It's about a people who may have some similar beliefs, I'll know when I get it worked out.

Actually, once you told me that if I wrote a page a day, I could have 365 pages in a year, enough for a book. I have always remembered you saying that.

As far as money, I do have a family. It isn't frivolous of me to want to earn money with my book. However, I'm not foolish enough to expect that I definitely will. And I will not change my writing in order to make money. I will write it the way I think is best.

BBC-If no-one did anything unless they thought they could change the world, then no-one would ever do anything.

Conversely, every little thing we do might change the world in ways that we don't even know about.

Actually, I see now that it is Cornville, AZ.