Friday, July 10, 2009

Something people have always said about me is that I complicate everything. The other charge, that I believe goes along with the first, is that I can be overly-analytical. And I'll have to admit that it's true. I have never been satisfied with half-answers and things only partially thought through. I've always felt the need to think things through to their conclusion.

Life is full of inconsistencies and disorderliness, conundrums and paradox, opposites that somehow magically end up to be the same thing. And I believe that when one arrives at one simplistic answer to explain everything, that you have closed yourself from the truth. Truth essentially involves balancing things that don't really make much sense. Finding the link in opposition.

And I feel an irritating, nagging need to verbalize these things, though it probably just can't be done. I guess it's like the Tao. It can't be spoken.

After careful consideration, I find that I simply can't agree with my detractors, or whatever they are, that it is wrong to be the way that I am. Yes, I complicate things, sometimes I don't let things rest, I keep gnawing on it until people may be tired of hearing about it.


BBC said...

If you ever decide on what the answer is when it comes to spirit, you need to stick with it. Like I do.

Anonymous said...
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Mel said...

Never settle. Always reach and stretch.... The end result might be horribly simple, but gosh--I never believed it until I exhausted the rest of the possible equations.

That's how I learn.

Thinkin' that's true for you, too.
Elsewise you wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

Hola ojos azules,

i would like to say i was once like you, over thinking and over analyzing things, but saying it would give an impression that i am better than you, which i am absolutely not... but now i have let it all go, i used to obsess about my inner thoughts, other's perception- basically life, society, and humanity in general.

i realized that you can spend your whole life trying to figure yourself out and die in your death bed more confused than ever. I figure volunteering, participating in activities to detract from critical thinking

but it also has its advantages for you, as a person writing a book. most people who think deeply and have some sort of mental disorder are highly creative, according to Nancy Adreasen. You should look into the Creative Brain by the same author. You just need to harness it and put it into expression in your book

Anyway, sorry for rambling. When are you going to mexico? i would love to go there but am stuck here in the system

be safe

BBC said...

Mel said....

Never settle. Always reach and stretch....

Ah, you sound like the Unitarians. They love being lost and searching. For over four thousand years they have been searching.

Mostly because they refuse to look in a mirror, but whatever.

Vin said, "Anyway, sorry for rambling. When are you going to mexico? i would love to go there but am stuck here in the system"

What in the fuck does he mean by that? I'm 66 and I've never allowed any system to get me stuck in it.

If I didn't like something I just moved on. But I will admit that I'm high centered on a rock for the time being.

I want to move out in the county but I can't sell this place for enough to buy some place out there. And the old lady next door depends on me to keep her in her home also.

But that will change in due time. One thing you can always depend on is change. Pussies of course resist it until they have to accept it.

Fuck it, I'm going camping in the morning. Be careful and safe.

Momentary Madness said...

I put life’s complication all down (very simplistic I know) to those who make it so.
We come into this world with nothing, and we will leave it with nothing.
We were nowhre before we came, and we will go back there forever.

clueless comrades said...

Wouldnt worry.

You do it.. so do another billion.


benjibopper said...

I hope you're still analyzing and thinking, and still writing stuff down too.